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The Story of WWII War Gardens

WWII profoundly changed our nation and influenced almost every aspect of American life. The impact on gardening was compounded. From the recreation of meditation to necessity, for those who remained on the home front rationing and shortages became a grim reality. War is bad, mkay?

In 1941 the Agricultural Department informed the American public that if they wanted fresh fruits or vegetables in their kitchens, they should plant a "victory garden".

Average Americans, some of whom couldn't tell a trowel from a hoe, began dropping seeds in the ground. Combined with elbow grease, millions of small town backyards and city rooftops suddenly sprouted across the nation.

As of 1943 these “Sunday Gentleman Farmers” had created over twenty million victory gardens, producing a estimated eight million tons of food and nearly 50% of all the fresh vegetables consumed in the U.S.A.

This is the amazing true story of victory gardens. Enjoy!



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