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Fountains Home

Fountains HomeFountains Home

Collection of writings concerning fountains, and anything relating to fountains. Enjoy Wall Fountains
senate garage fountain, part 1
senate garage fountain, Part 2

bartholdi fountain, part 1
bartholdi fountain, part 2

firemans drinking fountain

fountain activated part 1
fountain activated part 2

fountain cave

fountain darter
fountain grass, part 1

fountain grass, part 2

fountain of youth, part 1
fountain of youth, part 2

fountain of youth, part 3
yoga and meditation
fountain of youth, part 4
fountain of youth, part 5

fountain of youth, part 6

four rivers fountain
osha fountain warning

villagers find fountain of youth, 1

villagers find fountain of youth, 2



Guided Meditation
Step by Step Instruction and guidance by respected leaders in the field

Role of Biofeedback in Meditation
By using Biofeedback, your meditations can be much stronger because you see visible feedback of what works and what doesn't.

Videos of meditation
Watch a video of Deepak Chopra, some of the various exercises that biofeedback meditation can generate.