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Bird Feeders & Bird Houses


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Bird Feeders & Bird HousesBird Feeders & Bird Houses

Birding Problems
We all love birds, stocking our yards with bird feeders, bird houses, and quality food. But our feathered friends present problems occasionally, and sometimes our best intentions don't work out the best. This section is dedicated to common bird problems.

Page 1: Birding Problems Introduction
Page 2: Information and dealing with Problem Birds at the Bird Baths
Page 3: Woodpeckers, cute but potentially destructive
Page 4: Fruit Eating Birds: Sharing your bounty
Page 5: Fish Eating Birds: Protecting your wildlife
Page 6: Where Roosting Birds make their home
Page 7: Nesting Birds and where they construct their homes
Page 8: Hawks and Owls are special cases with Biofeedback Products
Page 9: Nuisance Waterfowl: Not flying rats, but problematic
Page 10: Birds and Window Collisions can be fatal to feathered fliers
Page 11: Insecticides and Lawn Chemicals are a hazard to birds' health.
Page 12: Care and caring for Injured Birds
Page 13: Cats on the prowl! Birds' natural enemies.
Page 14: Problems at Bird Feeders and Bird Houses
Page 15: Bird Feeder Station and Bird Feeder Problems
Page 16: When Birds Become Trapped in Feeders
Page 17: Squirrels are clever, mischevious, and can eat all the food!
Page 18: Rodents can destroy a bird house or bird feeder
Page 19: Problems at the Bird Bath



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